Saturday, May 8, 2010

A fallen Star

A Nigerian football player Wilson Mene Weyinmi died after he slumped in a Metfone-C- league match between his Club Prek Pra FC and his former club Preah Khan Reach. The former Phnouchoung Neak Striker was reported to have slumped under no contact and died even before he could be taken to the hospital.
Sources at the Stadium who witnessed the incidence faulted the poor medical assistance because the player was left gasping for so long without due attention from the medical aids.
"I don't know why they (medical aids) didn't react quickly, when the player slumped and was taken out of the field, it took the official so long time before taking him to the hospital at which point he has died" an eye witness stated. "I almost fought with the Federation officials and medical aids because they didn't act swiftly enough" the eye witness fumed.

"I think most people thought he must have been tired at first, but when things got out of hand, it dawned on all that he was struggling for his life" another eye witness said.

The body has been deposited at the Calmalette Hospital and sources revealed that the Football Federation of Cambodia Officials, Prek Pra Club officials and Members of the Nigerian Community are making efforts to contact the family for further actions.

As at Sunday Morning, the British Embassy has been contacted and officials say they have to get to the Nigerian Embassy. The Nigerian Embassy in Philippines is responsible for Cambodia as there is no Nigerian Mission in Cambodia.

Wilson on the floor after colapsing as players of both teams beckon on the referee pic:

Some Nigerians attempting to enter the pitch to rescue their fallen colleague were shrugged off by the Security men.

Fans watch as events unfold hoping for Wilson's rivival pic:

The Military Ambulance that took Wilson to hospital pic:

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  1. this is highly inhuman, they didn't rescue the guy on time. the medical facility on ground was not even enough to revive the young talented guy. and they took it for tiredness. its so obvious he was dying. May his soul rest in perfect peace

  2. This is a great opportunity for me to say that the cambodia football dont have any facility to organise a football league,they just wast the life of the young talented player for nothing sake...he was left at the ground for more than 8 minutes before given attention at first..and after they put him inside the so called emty amblance,he was there for more than 20 minutes and if they have use all this time to take Wilson to the hospital i feel this player will never deid...but notwithstanding what as happen as happen i beg the Nigerian community to do something about those that will go to Nigerian and bring players to this conutry which we know that they dont know anything about football than to spoil the carrer of the can imagine player playing professional football collecting $50 monthly and we all know this and allow this hard head poeple to disroll our talent here ...stop the trolly please.

  3. Liumcarola.. u have said it all. pls specail annosment.. guys no football in cambodia. dont allow anybody to decieve in the name of abroad. the football there is ruddish. only pay u 50-15ousd per month. what a disgrace.

    wilson may ur soul rest in peace.

  4. My condolance to his family and the whole Nigerian Community

    Edward Louise